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Iris Reading offers speed reading classes to help students and professionals read faster with comprehension. Improve your memory and productivity.

Speed Reading Basics
By Iris Reading

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Speed Reading 101

This webinar covers fundamental speed-reading techniques to help you read faster and improve comprehension. The webinar is taught by Paul Nowak, founder of Iris Reading.


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What Does AceReader Do?

AceReader improves reading speed, comprehension and fluency by utilizing it’s own proprietary and patented blend of pacing and vision training techniques that have been fine tuned over the past 20 years.

How To Improve Your Memory

Do you easily forget things? This video covers tips, strategies and exercises to improve your memory. You’ll also learn how to improve your focus and concentration to better improve your retention of information.


The 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in the World
Do you love libraries? I do. Here are some of the most amazing libraries in the world. See if your country or city is featured! Libraries store the wisdom of humanity and they are the cathedrals of knowledge that we have accumulated. Seeing these libraries inspires one to learn and be humbled by all the things we know and everything we don’t.


The Top 10 Most Amazing Libraries in the World

ibraries have always had something special about them, something different and attractive, a charm of their own that continues to enchant us even today in the middle of all this evolution of mobile technology and the digitalization of books.


The Library of Congress Is Your Library Library of Congress

An overview of the history of the Library of Congress


The Main Reading Room Of The Library Of Congress


Virtual Venue Visit

Find out more and hire this venue here:… The British Library is a centre of knowledge and a symbol of research, rigour and development, and now your business can benefit from these associations with the newly-reopened Conference Centre.


10 Largest Libraries of the World

10. New York Public Library, USA
9. Kiev’s Vernadsky National Scientific Library of Ukraine. Ukraine
8. London’s British Library. England
7. Frankfurt’s German National Library, German
6. St. Petersburg’s Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Russia

5. Ottawa’s National Library of Canada. Canada

4. Massachusetts’ Harvard University Library. USA

3. Beijing’s National Library of China. China

2. Moscow’s Institute for Scientific Information Russian Academy of Sciences. Russia

1. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. USA This Video Features the song ‘Cut and Run’ from Kevin MacLeod, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Commercial license.
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Top 10 Biggest Malls in the World 2020
Around the World

What is the tallest mall in the world?.In this video featured the top 10 biggest malls in the world 2020. Malls are such an important part of our lives that even after the arrival of authoritative e-commerce websites, we couldn’t stop us from visiting there from time-to-time. They are also an important asset to local as well as the national economy. Based on the gross leasable area, we have compiled a list of the biggest mall in the world. The gross leasable area or GLA stands for the total space (floor) available for commercial renting. On the other hand, the gross floor area is the total area inside an establishment including walls.

List of Top 10 Biggest Malls in the World 2020 :

10. Isfahan City Center ▶Location : ️Isfahan,Iran ▶️Opened : November 2012 ▶️Gross Leasable Area : 465,500 Square Meters

9. SM Seaside City Cebu ▶️Location : Cebu City,Philippines ▶️Opened : Novermber 27, 2015 ▶️Gross Leasable Area :470,486 Square Meters

8. SM Mega Mall ▶Location : ️Mandaluyong,Philippines ▶️Opened : June 28, 1991 ▶️Gross Leasable Area : 474,000 Square Meters

7. SM City North EDSA ▶️Location : Quezon City, Philippines ▶️Opened : November 8, 1985 ▶️Gross Leasable Area : 498,000 Square Meters

6. ICONSIAM ▶️Location : Bangkok, Thailand ▶️Opened : November 9, 2018 ▶️Gross Leasable Area : 525,000 Square Meters

5. Central Plaza WestGate ▶️Location : Nonthaburi,Thailand ▶️Opened : August 28, 2015 ▶️Gross Leasable Area: 550,278 Square meters

4. Golden Resources Mall ▶️Location : Beijing, China ▶️Opened : 2004 ▶️Gross Leasable Area : 557,419 square meters

3. SM City Tianjin ▶️Location : Tianjin, China ▶️Opened : 2016 ▶️Gross Leasable Area: 565,000 square meters

2. South China Mall ▶️Location : Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China ▶️Opened : 2005 ▶️Gross Leasable Area: 659,612 Square meters

1. Iran Mall ▶️Location : Chitgar Lake, Tehran ▶️Opened : 2020 ▶️Gross Leasable Area: 1.4 million square meters