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Best 100 eBooks, Foods, Gifts Plus
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Four Season Garden,

Natural Health Foods,
Flowers and Roses,
( Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter )

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In information age,
information society
information economy

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Best 100 + Social business Goals,

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( UN, 2030 Sustainable Developments Goals,
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United Nation 100th anniversary at 24 October 2045


( UN, 2030 Sustainable Developments Goals,
or 17 Goals to transform our world )

Image result for un 2030 goals list



Image result for un 2030 goals list


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United Nations Sustainable Development Logo


 United Nation 100th anniversary at 24 October 2045

24 October 2019: The UN Secretariat has announced it is organizing a public consultation to generate a global vision for the year 2045, the 100th anniversary of the creation of the UN. The process aims to improve international institutions to meet the aspirations reflected in the 2030 Agenda and bolster the environment for international cooperation.


The UN system launched a “one-minute survey” to engage people around the world in a consultation process on their aspirations for a better future.

The UN Secretary-General will present the ideas generated by the process during a high-level event to mark the UN’s 75th anniversary on 21 September 2020.

For more info please viste:

United Nation Web site


Four temperate and subpolar seasons
Winter, Spring
Summer, Autumn/Fall

Illumination of Earth at each change of astronomical season
Tropical wet season/monsoon in Maharashtra, India
Tropical dry season in Maharashtra, India


Creative Writing, Science Fiction Stories, Promotional Stories plus

Four season Garden Story [ information show and exhibition plus ]

Welcome, Lady’s and Gentlemen to World Expo 2050 with some of best people, products and services of this year and the past. [and last 100 year].
I’m John Dita your guide for Expo and this is my assistants Bill and our office manager Cary witch she also organize our schedule , and also our Robot Comycom50.
We are really pride to be your guide, helper and server to answer your questions and help you to find what your interested and looking to get from this year world fair.
To day we came to ebooks Show case inside of Books exhibition 2050 and now we are sitting and witting to hear and see the story of some winner of best ebooks reader person of the ebooks history.

To day we came to 1234 Seasons Garden plus info shows at case inside thier exhibition 2050 and now we are sitting and witting to hear and see the story of some winner of best ebooks reader person of the ebooks history.

abundance or praticpian or   are
few centenarian and businesslike active
few smartphone users
few family and kids
few university, student
few professional
few reporters

Best eBooks Reader 2050 Stories Collection
and year 2020, 2030, 2045 UN 100 anniversary.

Questions. Q.

Answers. A.

Q. What is eBook ?

A. ebook are electronics? forms of book. ebooks are written in the computer and be read in in the computers or some forms of computer or electronics devices.

Q. what is the benefits of reading books in ebooks format.


Q. What are the benefits of writing books in ebooks format ?




The ebooks show

To day we came to ebooks Show case inside of Books exhibition. Before we go around and visit different part lets go and site in the first ,,, to hear and see the ebooks history witch just starting now.

Bill help every one to site and speaker starts.
Thanks every one for coming.

We now

Best ebooks reading contestants  of year 2020 was in San Francisco Ca. USA. From years before preparation was started. After last year contest finish in Oct 15 million os of ebooks readers are registered until Dec 31.

Best ebooks readers of 2050 started from jan15. This year more then 100 million people registered so the first qualification was mostly with computer. The computerized best ebooks reading programs 100+ different questions, test, . These was from choosing the ebooks to ordering  and downloading, saving, speed reading, high lighting and saving , adding to their own dictionary, memorizing, and remembering, comprehension, writing review, sending notes to friends, interest and social groups or book clubs, and finally what was their comprehension of the ebook and 10 best thing they find for them self or others plus how to privatize and put them in their own schedules, plans and goals to do them with maximum success. Computer for their 100 best chose give them 1to100%+ point and then divided to 100 base their score chose to 10 million .

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to Books and ebooks show and exhibition of to year 2020 in San Francisco, Ca.
My name is John bookman your guide for this show……..
One of the fist this i like to talk about is Uil robot, aldo all of you know about it, but for are readers, visitors , TV audience,

Ladies and gentleman in are first kiosk showing documentary movie from very natural area of the world. People who live in this village far from modern world and intellectual ages. The study down with one of university

To be continue ….
From this best to next best info,
coming soon more to  best100plus.info


developer with state-of-the-art Numerous interesting developments are proposed or coming soon


Atlantic Ocean – Wikipedia

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest of the world’s oceans, with an area of about 106,460,000 square kilometers (41,100,000 square miles).[2][3] It covers approximately 20 percent of Earth’s surface and about 29 percent of its water surface area. It separates the “Old World” from the “New World“.

The Atlantic Ocean occupies an elongated, S-shaped basin extending longitudinally between Europe and Africa to the east, and the Americas to the west. As one component of the interconnected World Ocean, it is connected in the north to the Arctic Ocean, to the Pacific Ocean in the southwest, the Indian Ocean in the southeast, and the Southern Ocean in the south (other definitions describe the Atlantic as extending southward to Antarctica). The Equatorial Counter Current subdivides it into the North(ern) Atlantic Ocean and the South(ern) Atlantic Ocean at about 8°N.[6]

Scientific explorations of the Atlantic include the Challenger expedition, the German Meteor expeditionColumbia University‘s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the United States Navy Hydrographic Office


A map showing the supposed extent of the Atlantean Empire, from Ignatius L. Donnelly‘s Atlantis: the Antediluvian World, 1882 [49]


Map of the Atlantic Ocean



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to navigationJump to searchFor other uses, see Atlantis (disambiguation).

Athanasius Kircher‘s map of Atlantis, placing it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, from Mundus Subterraneus 1669, published in Amsterdam. The map is oriented with south at the top.

Part of a series on
Plato from Raphael‘s The School of Athens (1509–1511)
Early lifeWorksEpistemologyIdealism / realismDemiurgeTheory of formsTheory of soulTranscendentalsForm of the GoodThird man argumentEuthyphro dilemmaFive regimesPhilosopher kingPlato’s unwritten doctrinespolitical philosophy
Allegories and metaphors
AtlantisRing of GygesThe CaveThe Divided LineThe SunShip of StateMyth of ErThe Chariot

Atlantis (Ancient Greek: Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος, “island of Atlas“) is a fictional island mentioned within an allegory on the hubris of nations in Plato‘s works Timaeus and Critias,[1] where it represents the antagonist naval power that besieges “Ancient Athens”, the pseudo-historic embodiment of Plato’s ideal state in The Republic. In the story, Athens repels the Atlantean attack unlike any other nation of the known world,[2] supposedly giving testament to the superiority of Plato’s concept of a state.[3][4] The story concludes with Atlantis falling out of favor with the deities and submerging into the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite its minor importance in Plato’s work, the Atlantis story has had a considerable impact on literature. The allegorical aspect of Atlantis was taken up in utopian works of several Renaissance writers, such as Francis Bacon‘s New Atlantis and Thomas More‘s Utopia.[5][6] On the other hand, nineteenth-century amateur scholars misinterpreted Plato’s narrative as historical tradition, most famously in Ignatius L. Donnelly‘s Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. Plato’s vague indications of the time of the events—more than 9,000 years before his time[7]—and the alleged location of Atlantis—”beyond the Pillars of Hercules“—has led to much pseudoscientific speculation.[8] As a consequence, Atlantis has become a byword for any and all supposed advanced prehistoric lost civilizations and continues to inspire contemporary fiction, from comic books to films.

While present-day philologists and classicists agree on the story’s fictional character,[9][10] there is still debate on what served as its inspiration. As for instance with the story of Gyges,[11] Plato is known to have freely borrowed some of his allegories and metaphors from older traditions. This led a number of scholars to investigate possible inspiration of Atlantis from Egyptian records of the Thera eruption,[12][13] the Sea Peoples invasion,[14] or the Trojan War.[15] Others have rejected this chain of tradition as implausible and insist that Plato created an entirely fictional nation as his example,[16][17][18] drawing loose inspiration from contemporary events such as the failed Athenian invasion of Sicily in 415–413 BC or the destruction of Helike in 373 BC.[19]


A fifteenth-century Latin translation of Plato’s TimaeusMain article: Timaeus (dialogue)

The only primary sources for Atlantis are Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias; all other mentions of the island are based on them. The dialogues claim to quote Solon, who visited Egypt between 590 and 580 BC; they state that he translated Egyptian records of Atlantis.[20] Written in 360 BC, Plato introduced Atlantis in Timaeus:

For it is related in our records how once upon a time your State stayed the course of a mighty host, which, starting from a distant point in the Atlantic ocean, was insolently advancing to attack the whole of Europe, and Asia to boot. For the ocean there was at that time navigable; for in front of the mouth which you Greeks call, as you say, ‘the pillars of Heracles,’ there lay an island which was larger than Libya and Asia together; and it was possible for the travelers of that time to cross from it to the other islands, and from the islands to the whole of the continent over against them which encompasses that veritable ocean. For all that we have here, lying within the mouth of which we speak, is evidently a haven having a narrow entrance; but that yonder is a real ocean, and the land surrounding it may most rightly be called, in the fullest and truest sense, a continent. Now in this island of Atlantis there existed a confederation of kings, of great and marvelous power, which held sway over all the island, and over many other islands also and parts of the continent.[21]

The four people appearing in those two dialogues are the politicians Critias and Hermocrates as well as the philosophers Socrates and Timaeus of Locri, although only Critias speaks of Atlantis. In his works Plato makes extensive use of the Socratic method in order to discuss contrary positions within the context of a supposition.

The Timaeus begins with an introduction, followed by an account of the creations and structure of the universe and ancient civilizations. In the introduction, Socrates muses about the perfect society, described in Plato’s Republic (c. 380 BC), and wonders if he and his guests might recollect a story which exemplifies such a society. Critias mentions a tale he considered to be historical, that would make the perfect example, and he then follows by describing Atlantis as is recorded in the Critias. In his account, ancient Athens seems to represent the “perfect society” and Atlantis its opponent, representing the very antithesis of the “perfect” traits described in the Republic.


Atlantic Ocean,  in middle of north Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic, Four Seasons Garden, Islands

4s garden islands in Atlantic ocean like
Hawaii islands in Pacific ocean

Is one of the best place and location to write science fiction story.